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HA Spray-Lining and Coating Service Spray liner for equipment protection and floor coating. Beautiful protective coatings for any environment. We also specialize in waterproofing...see our waterproofing page.

Don't forget to look into our clear paint protection films. Unlike stick on products like ClearBra, our product is sprayed on for maximum durability and adhesion. Unlike 3M Ventureshield and even smaller, alternative brands like ClearMask, our application penetrates auto paint to latch on to the bottom surface. Call or email for more info!

Serving Northern Alberta, Red Deer, and Edmonton

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We are also proud owners of Total Corrosion Services. We provide a wide variety of innovatively engineered corrosion prevention solutions for effectively managing many different types of buried or submerged metal structures. Cathodic protection, facility inspections, oil drilling facility safety, leak detection, air/hydro excavation, and solar power installations are just some of the services offered.